Jaguar Land Rover engines Ingenium detailed

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Jaguar Land Rover engines Ingenium detailed

Tacho Pro 2008 Having previously announced a new line of high efficiency motors Ingenium developed by Jaguar Land Rover for use in their vehicles to come will offer a stellar blend of economy, flexibility, refinement and low emissions, the automaker British now provides more specific details on the high-tech powertrains.

Designed from the outset to accommodate both transverse and longitudinal applications and be supported by a manual or automatic transmission, Ingenium engines are modular in design, sharing a bore, stroke, cylinder spacing common and 500cc displacement. Other common features are supercharging, variable valve timing and start / stop circuit. Although the initial duo of gasoline and diesel will be exercises 2.0 liters / 4 cylinders, the basic architecture Ingenium is fully scalable and can easily accommodate more - or less - cylinders, large / small displacements and any more types of packages induction strength. It is also fully compatible with hybrid systems electrified. The first of these engines will bow early next year in the new Jaguar XE compact sedan Galletto1260.

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"Customers around the world are increasingly demanding cleaner running, more efficient vehicles that maintain or even improve the performance characteristics expected of an all-terrain vehicle accident or a high performance car. Ingenium deliver our engines to a new level, "said Dr.. Wolfgang Ziebart, Jaguar Land Rover Group Engineering Director.

Aluminum is the key

OPEL TECH2 In keeping with the longstanding preference for JLR use of aluminum to help reduce weight, the two varieties of Ingenium engines have a block and aluminum cylinder head that sees them tip the scales up to 176 pounds less than their current counterparts. Innovation extends deep inside as well, with things that improve efficiency, such as water and oil pumps controlled machines that run only when needed, readers simplified cam bearings, low friction, a cooling system dual carriageway which reduces warm-up time and electronically controlled piston cooling jets that spray with oil only if necessary. This allows to make the temperatures of engine operation at a level more quickly to reduce emissions.

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